PL24w Marine Blue Lighting Tube from Aqua One - (53214)

Aqua One's PL24w Marine Blue Lighting Tube provides high output, low energy lighting in a number of Aqua One aquariums, including: AquaMarine 900 models. Equally the PL24 Marine Blue Lamp will work in any other aquarium that is designed to accept this lighting format.

It's a good idea to always keep a spare lighting tube for your Aqua One aquarium. Your fish depend on aquarium lighting to regulate their internal clock, so they know when it's time to be active, time to be fed or time to sleep. Whilst your fish don't need light to survive, periods of time without light may leave them a little disorientated.

Replace every 6 months

All fluorescent lighting output starts to diminish from the moment first used and this is also the case with all PL24 lighting, including the PL24w Marine Blue Lighting Tube. After around 6 months of normal use, the spectral output of your PL24 lamp will have diminished to the point that a replacement is recommended.


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