This system provides a perfect nano ecosystem for hydroponically grown plants.

Environmentally friendly with a unique design, the 5.6L Aquaponic Kit contains:

  • Air driven sponge style filtration
  • Internal Air pump with adjustable air flow provides oxygen for fish and plants
  • LED lighting is energy efficient and environmentally friendly
  • Planting basket and growing media included
  • Plastic tank
  • Dimensions 20cm w x 20cm L x 25cm height.
  • Low voltage design for safe use

Some recommended plants: Fittonia, bella palm, spathiphyllum and various herbs.

Some recommended fish: Danio, minnow, neon tetra, guppy, Betta.


Lift up the cover and pour the water into the tank slowly to the minimum water line as per your manual. Place your chosen plant into the plant basket and gently place the provided stones around it to support and position the plant. Next, place the ceramic balls around the stones to maintain moisture. Connect the adapter to the power socket and turn on the switch. To adjust the flow rate of bubbles from the air pump, inert a flat-head screwdriver onto the adjusting knob and slightly rotate it in an anti-clockwise direction. Please note that the adjusting knob will detach if rotated too far.


The base of the unit houses the electrical components. Do not submerse in water when cleaning. Clean with a damp cloth only.

Do not separate the tank from the base as this will cause leakage.

After turning on the power supply, please wait 5-10 seconds for bubbles to appear.

Over time the air flow may decrease, this is due to debris build up. In this case open the filter box and clean the air outlets so the air flow can return to normal.


SKU 9337280010681
Shipping Weight 1.7200kg
Shipping Width 0.240m
Shipping Height 0.300m
Shipping Length 0.240m

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