A New Era of Shallow Reef’s


/Frag/ – The process of aqua culturing or cutting corals

Revolutionary Design. Simple Concept.

The Waterbox Frag systems are an industry first. The Frag provides advanced hobbyists a way to facilitate a grow out system for their frags or create the ultimate shallow water reef or tidal zone.


Frag 45.2

Frag 60.3

Frag 80.4


See The Unexpected.


12.5″ height and Starphire Ultra-Clear Technology, the Frag provides you with a platform to create the most stunning shallow reef or frag system on the planet.

Shallow Reefs

Turn what you love about Reef Aquariums into a shallow water tidal zone. Our stunning Staphire Glass and Diamond Beveled edges elevate the beauty of your reef.


Frag Keeping

The Frag enables Waterbox users to add on to and existing system, or have stand alone Aquaculture systems which display the same beauty as your traditional Waterbox Aquarium.


Stunning Details and Sharpened Definition

All Waterbox Aquariums utilize Licensed Starphire Glass. Starphire is the ultimate in ultra-clear low iron glass technology.

Disappearing act

Waterbox Aquariums silicone seams appear etched by lasers as our technicians utilize straight edging skill’s learned over decades.

Leveled and Stabalized

Each Waterbox system includes a self leveling mat which keeps the aquarium level on uneven surfaces and keeps surface tension on the glass down to a minimum which increases the longevity of your aquarium.

Aesthetic excellence

Each Waterbox comes standard with our laser floated Logo inside the glass to prove authenticity.

Thoughtfully Designed Overflow System

The Waterbox Aquarium is the only company to utilize full black glass overflow boxes with water etched grates.

Exponentially Quiet

Standard aquariums produce a lot of water noise. The unique Waterbox down-flow technology keeps your aquarium noise at peaceful levels all day.

Flow x2

Waterbox understood the importance of dual returns. Our Frag Series aquariums all go by a strict standard of having DUAL returns.


Our Highest Grade System To Date


Our engineers have designed a hand crafted prefabricated proprietary plumbing kit that provides easy installation without any gluing required.


Quick disconnect unions

Disassemble easily without any cutting of plumbing required.

Precision gate valve

Controls the flow through the drain system and maintains quiet operation.

Flexible Return Pipe

Can be easily adjusted to accommodate your choice of return pump.

Safety Drain

To prevent overflowing, a secondary safety drain is available.


Incredible Fluid Design


Our Frag systems shine above the rest with our thoughtfully designed, sized and placed ATO(Auto Top Off) Reserviors. Pair with the XP Aqua ATO System for a perfectly balanced evaporation solution.


Cascading Filtration Chambers

Dual micron socks reduce noise, prevent clogging, and reduce chances of overflowing.

One Size

The Waterbox Frag systems each include two 4 Inch filter socks to keep water clarity pristine.

Enhanced Clarity

Our advanced sump systems on the Frag systems include pre-cut filter spongers to keep particulate down to a minimum.




Elevate your existing living spaces with true first in class furniture grade cabinetry. Our large 4′ and up cabinets include separate storage spaces.


Keeping it Level

Stability is key to installing a long lasting aquatic environment safely in your home. Our Frag systems all include pre-seated leveling mats on the glass tank, and up to 26 leveling feet on the cabinet.

Closing the gap

Beautifully seated and designed cabinet doors recessed push buttons make the Frag system décor the best in the industry.

Soft to the touch

Not only do our cabinets sport a satin finish, our doors are all secured by the highest quality soft close PVC coated hinges.

Quality by Design

Our Frag system cabinets all sport our optional inscribed brand seal for use on our Décor.


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