Nesting & Breeding Boxes

We understand the joy of witnessing the miracle of new life in your feathered companions. Whether you have breeding birds or simply want to offer them a cozy haven, we offer a variety of nesting materials and breeding boxes designed to encourage natural breeding behaviors and provide a safe and comfortable environment for your birds to raise their young.

Creating the Perfect Nest:

  • Nesting Materials: We offer a variety of natural nesting materials that birds instinctively use to build their nests. These materials provide warmth, comfort, and excellent drainage for chicks. Popular options include:
    • Aspen shavings:Soft and absorbent, aspen shavings are a popular choice for many bird species.
    • Hay & straw:Offer a natural and familiar nesting material, ideal for ground-nesting birds.
    • Coconut fibers:Provide a naturally absorbent and breathable nesting material that resists mold and mildew.
  • Species-Specific Options: Explore nesting materials specifically chosen for the needs of your bird species. For example, some finches prefer soft materials like cotton or feathers, while parrots may require larger pieces of wood for chewing and nest construction.

Providing a Safe Haven:

  • Breeding Boxes: Choose from a variety of breeding boxes designed to mimic natural nesting cavities and cater to the specific needs of different bird species. Explore options like:
    • Wooden Nesting Boxes:Durable and natural-looking, wooden nesting boxes come in various sizes and styles to accommodate different bird types.
    • Clay Nesting Pots:These smooth-surfaced pots offer a unique and natural nesting option for specific bird species like wrens and swallows.
    • Open-Top Nesting Boxes:Ideal for robins, blue jays, and other birds that prefer to build their own nests, open-top boxes provide a secure platform and shelter.

Creating the Right Environment:

  • Placement & Monitoring: Strategic placement of your nesting boxes is crucial. Our knowledgeable staff can advise on ideal locations based on your bird species, considering factors like sunlight, predator access, and proximity to human activity. Monitor your nesting boxes regularly to ensure the safety and well-being of chicks.
  • Cleaning & Maintenance: After each breeding season, thoroughly clean your nesting boxes to remove old nesting material and prevent the spread of disease.

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