Pet Health Policy

Choosing a new pet is an exciting prospect and one which will generally involve a lot of emotion. Given that most pets will join your family for around 15 years, it is important to think about the consequences of owning a pet and the type of pet you have in mind.

Health Guarantee
Aqua Life offer a 7 day health guarantee on small animals, birds, reptiles, insects & hermit crabs.

Small Animal and Reptile 7 day health guarantee

Aqua Life is proud to offer a 7 day health guarantee on small animals, reptiles, aviary birds, insects & hermit crabs. This health guarantee is provided as part of our commitment to selling quality pets.

Fish 48 hour health guarantee

What do I do if I lose any of my new fish?
All freshwater fish are covered by a 48 hour health policy. Just follow these simple steps:
• Return any fish that have perished in a sealed plastic bag or sealed container within 48 hours of purchase.
• Bring a ½ cup water sample from your aquarium in a separate container or bottle
• Bring in a photo of your water results for PH, Ammonia, Nitrite & Nitrate to cross reference with our results.
• Provide proof of purchase

We will test your aquarium water and if all levels are deemed correct for the specific fish, a voucher will be issued for the full price of the fish.

Hand Raised Bird 14 day health guarantee

A 14 day health guarantee is given with your new hand raised bird pet bird. This guarantee is void if your pet bird is not vet checked by one of our approved veterinarians within the 72hrs of purchase (including weekends and public holidays). If the veterinarian discovers your new pet bird has a health problem or a genetic condition that was present at the time of purchase and that will significantly reduce the bird’s life expectancy, we will gladly exchange or refund the purchase price of the bird. We will require written confirmation from the avian veterinarian as to the animal’s problem or genetic disorder. Aqua Life is only liable for the original purchase price of the bird. Aqua Life is not liable for any illness caused by stress, ill-treatment or irresponsible husbandry, or accident. Aqua Life is not liable for any veterinary costs, or loss, and any other costs incurred. Our pet birds are sold as pets only. This guarantee does not cover bird temperament or behavioural or psychological problems.


Health Guarantee Conditions:
1. Guarantee is limited to the purchase price of the pet.
2. Pet must be returned to Aqua Life or contact made with Aqua Life in the event purchaser believes it to be unwell.
3. Aqua Life will offer either an exchange or refund if it is deemed the pet was unwell at the time of purchase.
4. Aqua Life will not pay vet bills. All vet bills are the responsibility of whoever decides to take the animal to the vet.
5. The guarantee does not cover events, circumstances or environmental factors that occur after purchase that are out of the control of and/or not the fault of Aqua Life.
6. Pet must be returned to Aqua Life within 7 days of purchase with their receipt.


Cooling off period 
Aqua Life is committed to the welfare of all our pets. Not only while they are in our temporary care but after they go home too. Aqua Life is proud to offer a 7 day cooling off period on all livestock*. 

This cooling off period that allows you to decide that is best for you and your new pet. If you feel you have made the wrong decision, you can return your pet to us.

Refunds and Costs
If you return your pet within the first 3 days, we will refund you 70% of the price paid.
If you return the pet between 4 to 7 days after purchase, we will refund 50% of the price paid.
This is so we can ensure the best outcome for the pet, you our valued customer, and cover our costs both internally and externally such as additional vet checks, etc.

Cooling Off Period Conditions:
1. Livestock excludes fish, corals, and live rock.
2. Livestock must be in the same health and condition as at the time of purchase.
3. The store and specific department must be contacted before returning the animal.
4. The cooling off period is for 7 days from the day/time of purchase.
5. All paperwork must be presented upon return.
6. Aqua Life reserves the right to refuse return where we deem appropriate.
7. The cooling off clause is not valid on some purchases.

If anything is unclear or you have more questions feel free to contact our customer support team.

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