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At Aqua Life Pet & Aquarium, we understand that providing the proper heating and lighting is essential for your reptile pets' health and well-being. Our extensive selection of reptile heating and lighting products ensures you'll find everything you need to create a perfect habitat that mimics their natural environment.

  • Essential Heating Options: From basking lamps and heat mats to thermostats and thermometers, we offer a variety of heating solutions to maintain optimal temperatures for your specific reptile species.
  • Lighting for Optimal Health: We carry UVB lamps, UVA lamps, and full-spectrum lighting to provide the vital sunlight elements that support vitamin D3 synthesis, growth, and overall reptile health.
  • Safe and Reliable Products: All our reptile heating and lighting products are sourced from reputable brands and ensure safety and reliability for your valued pets.

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Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can assist you in choosing the most appropriate heating and lighting equipment for your reptile's needs. We are committed to providing you with the best possible products and service to ensure your reptile companions live long and healthy lives.

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Arcadia 18" D3 Forest 6% UVB Tube T8 15w

Arcadia 18" D3 Forest 6% UVB Tube T8 15w

$44.96 WAS 59.95