Exo Terra is your passionate partner in creating the perfect habitat for your cherished reptile!

We offer a premium selection of reptile supplies in Warrnambool, catering to a variety of species and their specific needs. From essential heating and lighting solutions to terrariums, enrichment items, and décor, Exo Terra empowers you to design a thriving and visually stimulating environment.

Why Choose Exo Terra?

  • Innovation & Quality: Our reputation is built on developing and sourcing high-quality, functional products that prioritize your reptile's health and well-being.
  • Species-Specific Solutions: We understand that different reptile species have unique requirements. Explore our range designed for bearded dragons, geckos, snakes, turtles, and more.
  • Expertly Crafted Habitats: Discover a variety of terrariums constructed with ventilation, security, and ease of use in mind.

Exo Terra Provides Everything You Need for Your Reptile's Habitat:

  • Heating & Lighting: Ensure optimal temperatures and UVB rays with our selection of heat mats, lamps, thermostats, and thermometers.
  • Terrariums: Choose from a diverse range of terrariums, including front-opening enclosures for easy access and naturalistic bioactive terrariums.
  • Decorations: Transform your terrarium into a visually stimulating and natural landscape with our rocks, branches, vines, live plants (or high-quality artificial alternatives), and other enriching elements.
  • Bowls & Light Fixtures: Select from durable feeding bowls and light fixtures that complement your terrarium's design.
  • Mist Kits & Humidity Control: Maintain appropriate humidity levels with our misting kits and hygrometers, ensuring your reptile's respiratory health.
  • Replacement Parts: Find replacement bulbs, thermostats, filters, and other essential components to keep your terrarium functioning optimally.
  • Hides: Offer your reptile a secure and familiar space to retreat with our variety of hides, available in various materials and sizes to suit different species.
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