PetWorx: Quality Aquarium & Pet Supplies (Australia)

PetWorx, established in 1980 (formerly M.A.S. Imports), is a trusted wholesaler dedicated to providing the highest quality aquarium and pet products to Australian pet stores . We source innovative and top-quality products from leading manufacturers worldwide, offering a comprehensive selection that caters to a variety of pets:

  • Aquarium Enthusiasts: From state-of-the-art canister filters and air pumps to keep your water sparkling clean, to a vibrant array of lighting, heaters, and decorations to create the perfect underwater paradise, Pet Worx has everything to make your fish thrive.
  • Happy & Healthy Fish: We offer a wide range of high-quality fish food to meet the dietary needs of all your finned friends.
  • Reptile Fanatics: Ensure your scaly companions have a stimulating and enriching environment with our selection of reptile products.
  • Bird Lovers: Keep your feathered friends entertained and healthy with our collection of bird products.
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