Aquarium Detox is a blend of bacteria not normally found in an aquarium or pond.

Aquarium Detox is perfect for rejuvenating a tank suffering from old tank syndrome to get it looking brand new and crystal clean again.

Aquarium detox is 100% safe and can be used in all aquariums and ponds.


  • Reduces algae
  • Decreases Hydrogen Sulphide
  • Assimilates and breaks down fish waste
  • Reduces smells
  • Increases oxygen
  • Breaks down even heavy mud!

Aquarium Detox reduces the need for filter cleaning. Aquarium Detox does not require any additional aeration as these types of bacteria use the oxygen out of nitrate. Simple to use: Add 1 teaspoon per 200ltrs Repeat dose every 3 months Allow 30 days to work.


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