API Pond Care Accu-Clear 473ml

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API Pond Care Accu-Clear 473ml: Crystal-Clear Pond Water in a Bottle

Keep your pond sparkling clear with API Pond Care Accu-Clear 473ml. This effective water clarifier quickly clears cloudy or murky pond water, leaving it sparkling and healthy for your fish and plants.

Here's how Accu-Clear works its magic:

  • Targets Tiny Particles: Accu-Clear clumps together microscopic particles floating in your pond water, making them heavy enough to sink to the bottom.
  • Filter Friendly: Once settled, these particles can be easily removed by your pond filter, improving its overall efficiency.
  • Fast Results: See a noticeable difference in water clarity within a short period of time.
  • Safe for Fish and Plants: Accu-Clear is formulated to be safe for pond fish, plants, and beneficial bacteria.

Benefits of Using API Pond Care Accu-Clear:

  • Crystal Clear Water: Enjoy a beautiful, healthy pond that showcases your fish and plant life.
  • Improved Filter Performance: A cleaner, clearer pond means less work for your filter.
  • Reduced Maintenance: Spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your pond.

API Pond Care Accu-Clear 473ml is perfect for:

  • Pond owners who experience occasional cloudy or murky water
  • Those who want to improve the overall health and clarity of their pond
  • Fish pond and koi pond owners

Make your pond the envy of the neighborhood with API Pond Care Accu-Clear 473ml!

Additional Information:

  • Treats ponds up to 18,170 liters (4,800 gallons).
  • Always follow the dosage instructions on the label for best results.
  • For best results, use with API POND ZYME™ Plus or API POND ECOFIX™ Sludge Destroyer for a complete pond clean-up.


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