Aqua One Ocellaris 850 Canister Filter 850L/H 94144

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The Aqua One Ocellaris Canister Filter is an extremely quiet, energy efficient and powerful pressurised filter featuring easy to use technology.

The Quick Release Tap System ensures fast, easy and mess free filter maintenance whilst the built in primer primes the filter with ease. The Ocellaris includes biological and mechanical filter media to provide you with the ideal set up straight out of the box. The modular design enables the addition of extra filtration media so that you can customise the filter to suit any aquarium.


Features & Benefits:

  • Quick Release Tap – Simply push the lever down to disconnect the taps before cleaning to avoid mess and spillages (excludes model Ocellaris 400)
  • Manual Primer – Just pull the primer a couple of times and your filter will prime all by itself (excludes model Ocellaris 400 – Priming Cap used for this model)
  • Includes wool, sponges and sintered glass filter media to provide you with the perfect set up straight away
  • Ultraviolet steriliser/clarifier* eliminates free floating algae and harmful micro-organisms (*Only in the following models: 94151, 94153, 94154)

Replacements Parts/Media:

  • 25137I Impeller - Ocellaris 850/850 UVC 137i
  • 25139I Impeller - Ocellaris 1400/1400 UVC 139i
  • 25141I Impeller - Ocellaris 3000/3000 UVC 141i
  • 25143I Impeller – Ocellaris 400 143i
  • 25137W Wool Pad - Ocellaris 850/850 UVC 2pk 137w
  • 25139W Wool Pad - Ocellaris 1400/1400 UVC 2pk 139w
  • 25141W Wool Pad - Ocellaris 3000/3000 UVC 2pk 141w
  • 25143W Wood Pad – Ocellaris 400 143w
  • 25137S Sponge Pad 15ppi - Ocellaris 850/850 UVC 2pk 137s
  • 25139S Sponge Pad 15ppi - Ocellaris 1400/1400 UVC 2pk 139s
  • 25141S Sponge Pad 15ppi - Ocellaris 3000/3000 UVC 2pk 141s
  • 25138S Sponge Pad 35ppi - Ocellaris 850/850 UVC 2pk 138s
  • 25140S Sponge Pad 35ppi - Ocellaris 1400/1400 UVC 2pk 140s
  • 25142S Sponge Pad 35ppi - Ocellaris 3000/3000 UVC 2pk 142s
  • 25143S Sponge Pad 15ppi – Ocellaris 400 143s




Suitable For: Coldwater, Tropical & Marine


SKU 9325136130195
Brand Aqua One
Shipping Weight 4.1600kg
Shipping Width 0.260m
Shipping Height 0.440m
Shipping Length 0.210m
Shipping Cubic 0.024024000m3

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