*Image for reference, Actual wood may have different characteristics as each piece is handcrafted and slightly different. Please ask if you would like a photo of actual pieces in stock.
Golden Tree ™ hardscape are made by hand from all natural materials that are aquarium safe. Artisans create these hardscapes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Golden Tree ™ hardscape are versatile, easy to work with and are the perfect centrepiece to create an instant aquascape layout. 

Golden Tree ™ hardscape pair well with aquatic plant species such as Anubias, Bucephalandra, Ferns and aquatic moss species. Quite often, these aquatic plants are used to mimic the foliage found on natural trees. Golden Tree ™ hardscape can be used to display an array of plants, aquatic or terrestrial such as tillandsia aka air plants.

Golden Tree ™ is a fun and unique way to create an aquascape layout. We hope this short guide has helped to inspire you to create your own! ​

About Driftwood

Almost all driftwood is buoyant! Driftwood will float for 1-3 weeks until it becomes waterlogged.

​Driftwood also contains tannins, a natural compound that stains water yellow or brown. Tannins are responsible for creating "blackwater" habitats like the Amazon River. Tannin water is not dangerous and will not harm tank inhabitants, but it will lower the pH over time. 

Soaking the driftwood will help facilitate the release of tannins, thus decreasing the chance that the driftwood will cause a pH drop in your tank. You will notice the tannins in the water by its notorious dark tea coloration. 

For Aquarium Tank Setting

If you decide to use your Golden Tree ™ hardscape in an aquarium tank setting, here are some tips and tricks for care and general information:

Before using Golden Tree ™ hardscape, we recommend soaking the wood as long as possible prior to adding it into an aquarium. To do this, all you need is a large bucket, sink or even a bathtub will work. Simply add the Golden Tree ™ hardscape into the water and make sure it is completely submerged. Then, set it and forget it! 

We suggest changing the water out every so often and allowing it to soak thoroughly. However, some hobbyists enjoy tannins present in their water. This usually is contingent upon personal preference and species of fish that are kept. Once your Golden Tree ™ hardscape sinks by itself, you’ll know that it has been thoroughly soaked and is ready for use in an aquarium.

Once your Golden Tree ™ hardscape is ready for use, it’s time to add some aquatic plants! There aren’t any restrictions to the species of aquatic plants that you can choose to create your Golden Tree ™ 's foliage. The options are vast and you can use whatever you prefer! Here are some commonly used aquatic plants:

Aquatic Moss

Aquatic moss species are great for creating your underwater Golden Tree ™ ’s leaves. Different species exhibit different growth patterns and can be trained and trimmed to provide the look desired. Aquatic moss is extremely hardy and great for beginners who are new to planted tanks or keeping aquatic plants in general. Here are some popular choices below:
• Christmas Moss
• Mini Christmas Moss
• Willow Moss
• Flame Moss
• Java Moss
• Peacock Moss
• Fissidens Fontanus
• Fissidens Nobilis


Following suit, Anubias is widely known for its easy care and beautiful foliage. This aquatic plant makes a wonderful addition to the base of your Golden Tree ™. It helps to add a sense of maturity and will easily cover unnatural holes and crevices in your Golden Tree ™ aquascape. This aquatic plant is also an epiphyte and does not need to be planted in aquarium substrate. You can easily attach it to the upper parts of the tree to mimic the leaves as well. 
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