MICROCLIMATE Evo Connected 3 - Three Channel Cloud thermostat with Wi-fi and Humidity Sensor

Terrarium Climate controller with WI-fi

  • Two Dimming or Pulse selectable channels
  • One On Off Channel
  • Each channel has its own IP rated sensor which can be used to monitor the temperature even if the channel is being used to control lighting.
  • Mounting soloution built directly into the all new capacitive touch display and into the main control box.

This is perfect for monitoring the cool end if the main probe is in the basking area.  This allows data logging across the full temperature gradient of the enclosure. Keep all the cables out of sight with the main control box housing all of the connections with just a single cable to the all new display.


All new display Bigger, Brighter, Bolder

The all new capacative touch display panel greatly improves the user experience with super fast reaction times and a smooth all glass fronted design.
Gloss black bezels make the new display unit a thing of beauty and looks at home pride of place on the front of your reptiles home.

It just keeps getting better

Built in mounting soloution for the all new Capacative touch glass fronted display Easy and familiar menu system - many people loved the menu system on the Evo and have become used to the layout. Good news is the on screen menu has stayed largely the same meaning you can dive straight back in without a steep learning curve. As with the previous generation of Evo there is an on screen temperature history graph accessible from the touch screen display

Evo Connected App

The app avaliable on IOS and Android is the control centre for your whole reptiles collection.

Add as many thermostats to your app as you require to monitor and control your collection from anywhere in the world. Real time data is displayed on your thermostats home screen including temperature graphs with up to 1 years data avaliable at your finger tip, current channel temperatures, current set points and the power output status of each channel.

Easily switch between thermostats from the app home screen and mix different types of Evo Connected within the one app. Invite friends, family or co workers to your collection on the app with varying levels of access.

Simply laid out menus

To access basic through to advanced features Taking all the great features of the Evo range and then adding even more industry firsts. Monitor and control your thermostat from anywhere in the world using the Evo connected mobile application or the web dash board (wifi connection required to thermostat)

So much control

Each channel has the option of basic control all the way through to advanced features. Name each channel so that it is easy to identify. The channels and outputs are also colour coded to make quick identification easy.

Choose which control type you require for the channel between Dimming or Pulse Each channel can be set to either Heating, Cooling or Fixed control. Various timing modes can be selected to provide basic to all year round control

Ramp Time

You can now select a ramp time which makes temperature changes much more natural for your animal. When a new set point is reached the ramp time affects how long the temperature change takes place over. This is great for when the transition from night time to daytime occurs. 

You can now enter a time so that your vivarium does not heat rapidly from a low night time temperature to a high day time temperature. 

The transition can now take place over an hour or two hours leading to a much more natural change in temperature combined with the multi setting this allows a completely natural temperature cycle for the whole 24hr period.



Control the environment exactly how you would like from the simple constant setting through to different settings for each season. The choice is yours.


One temperature or setting 24hrs a day

Day & Night

A different temperature or setting for daytime and nightime hours


8 different temperatures or settings over a 24hr period


The ability to set different day and night time settings for each season of the year


 The output can be activated within certain hours for set durations. Ideal for misters and foggers. Only avaliable on on/off channel.



Smart thermostats call for smart alarms. Each channel has an individual under temperature, over temperature and sensor failure alarm. The alarms are customisable on each channel from within the app or on the touch screen.

When an alarm is triggered you will be alerted by a push notification to your mobile phone, a warning buzzer from the touch screen and also the colour of the temperature on the touch screen will change colour.

Red for over temperature and Blue for under temperature. In the event of an alarm power will be cut to the channel until confirmation that the sitauation is back to normal operating conditions.


Cloud Updates

Once your thermostat is added to your connected account you will be eligible to recieve over the air updates to always keep your hardware running the lastest software.

There are some amazing features in the pipe line for the connected series of thermostats which will be avaliable through the OTA update service. Dont forget to keep your app up to date from within the app store or play store to ensure the latest version of the app.


  • Screen Lock feature prevents accidental touches on the display.
  • Extenally accesible Ultra fast fuse to protect your thermostat against external faults.
  • With a temperature range of 0c to 100c the Evo Connected has you covered for a wide range of reptiles.
  • IP Rated waterproof sensors on each channel ensure accurate temperature readings no matter the conditions


Monitor and Control your whole collection from any web browser.

Generate reports with up to 1 years data per channel easily exported to .CSV file which is perfect for any long term data logging and reporting such as AAL licensing requirements. Invite other users to your web dashboard with varying levels of access which is perfect for shops and colleges.



  • 1200w Maximum Combined Load (600w max per channel)
  • Dimming, Pulse & On Off control
  • Digital temperature control and processing
  • 2.5m IP Rated waterproof sensors
  • Wifi Access required for cloud based features
  • 5 Year warranty
  • Designed and Manufactured in the United Kingdom
SKU 758763254122
Brand Microclimate
Shipping Weight 1.5400kg
Shipping Width 0.210m
Shipping Height 0.240m
Shipping Length 0.130m
Shipping Cubic 0.006552000m3

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