Snooth Knob Tailed Gecko (Nephrurus Levis)

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The Common Smooth Knob-tailed Gecko (Nephrurus levis levis) is the most commonly maintained species of knob-tailed gecko and one of the easiest to breed. Being dependent on cool humid burrows in the wild, one area of the enclosure must kept permanently moist and contain one or two retreats for the cage inhabitants. Failure to provide adequate humidity will eventually manifest itself as shedding problems and ultimately the death of the lizards as they become severely dehydrated. All of the smooth skinned knob-tails (e.g. N. levisN. laevissimusN. stellatus) enjoy a relatively deep substrate where they can excavate their own burrows. Fine sand around 10-12cm deep is ideal. Like most geckos, these knob-tails don't require high temeperatures, with one end of the enclosure heated to about 30-32°C by using a heat pad or a low wattage blue or red bulb, which will not affect the animal’s nocturnal habits. Winter temperatures can be considerably lower, even down to single figures without causing any harm. They are not particular about their food and will accept almost any insects taking 4-5 items in one sitting with great gusto. Gravid females in particular have prodigious appetites. Regular dusting of food items with calcium/multivitamin powders are beneficial again particularly for breeding females.


Basic Wildlife Licence Required 

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