GREEN ALGAE WAFERS vegetable, sinking wafers with spirulina for algae eaters. Vegetable food in the form of sinking wafers with the addition of spirulina, designed for everyday feeding of these species of fish of the family Loricariidae, which in the diet require a significant share of plant-derived ingredients and algae, such as Sturisoma aureum, Pterygoplichthys pardalis, Panaque maccus, etc. In addition, wafers perfectly complement the diet omnivorous species of bottom fish and freshwater and marine crustaceans. GREEN ALGAE WAFERS is a food with very high hydrostability (soaking up water, retains its structure and does not disintegrate), which facilitates the feeding of crustaceans and enables a fish-like method of feeding, whose mouth is transformed into a suction cup provided with teeth to wipe hard food surface. Waffles,


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