The water lettuce plant is an ideal aquarium plant for bigger tanks due to its long roots and large rosettes. The roots can easily penetrate the filter, and it is a good idea to position it on one corner of the aquarium.

You can pair the water lettuce with many fish species or invertebrates like snails. You want to avoid goldfish, koi fish, cichlids, and other fish that may damage the plant. The plant is fast-growing and hardy, and beginner aquarists will find it easy to maintain it.


Although water lettuce is a floating plant, it does not like to be drifted around. Water currents in an aquarium will push it around even before they are mature enough to form a dense mat. If your aquarium has a powerful filter, you can corral the plant using a fishing line or a hula-hoop, so that it stays in place.

The challenge with growing water lettuce is that it can quickly overrun an aquarium. Cutting off several stolons or individual plants every week is necessary to keep it in check. Cut the roots as well, and leave only about four inches of the root system. If left to grow, the roots can get entangled in the filter or decorations.

Water lettuce is a tropical species, and you should maintain warm temperatures in the range of 20-27º The plant has, however, been grown in colder climates with sufficient protection. If the room where the aquarium is located lacks humidity, keep the tank covered at all times. The ideal PH range is 6.0-7.5.

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